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« on: May 22, 2006, 11:15:15 pm »

I have been using pdaXrom on Zaurus 6000 for almost a year.  Recently, I decided to spend some of my time trying to participate the development process of pdaXrom.

The first thing I decided to try is to build pdaXrom on my own.  I found several how-to and posts on such topic.  After following the instruction, I was able to get the toolchain build.  I gladly moved along to building the actual Rom.  However, I have been stuck with xkbcomp.

Specifically, the builder would die in directory linking all object files into "xkbcomp" in directory "/xc/programs/xkbcomp/cross".  It printted out error message -lxkbfile is missing.  

So I thought to myself, "this is easy, all I have to do is find the correct share object and modify the Makefile".  After using the "file" command, it shows me that all object files are i386 files.  So I tried to find the in the host system.  But it's no where to be found!!

So here is my question:
1. Why is it trying to build the binary for i386 instead of arm architecture?
2. How do I get around it?