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Pdaxqtrom 0.8.0
« on: July 14, 2006, 11:47:07 am »
Hi Meanie and all you other pdaXQTrom experts,

now that 0.8.0 is available I finally wanted to install pdaXQTrom-base only and a few apps which I need using the IPKs (in order to avoid conflicts with e.g. the gaim in pdaXQTrom-apps and the gaim for QTopia).

Installing the base package worked.
However, installing the application IPKs did not work. I got a lot of "Input/Output errors" and "access denied" and "bad tar header" etc., probably all due to this:

A previous installation of pdaXQTrom with the -apps image left links on the file system to the -apps package.
Now the IPKs want to install files into the placese where these links are, or even following the links into the non-existent -apps image.

I couldn't find the xqtcleanup script anymore. Would that have helped?

Of course I could go through the FS and delete all those links manually, but for obvious reasons I'd rather avoid this. ;-)

Is there a way? Is there a current xqtcleanup script which deletes the -apps links of - IIRC - 0.7.8?

Also, installing the automounter-light package killed my swap file setup.
Any idea what the reason could be? I have the "swapon /hdd3/.swapfile" command in /sbin/hddmount at the end, and so far it worked well.

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