Author Topic: Found: Wanted: C1000/3200  (Read 1067 times)


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Found: Wanted: C1000/3200
« on: April 08, 2007, 05:02:50 am »
I've found a C1000 ... Thanks anyway

#I'd be intrested in a C1000 or C3100/3200 (preferebly not a C3000).
#I live in italy and would prefer to receive from inside europe (but that's just a #preferance).
#I prefer pay on delivery method but can also pay via paypal.
#I'm mainly intrested in some features of the akita (usb OTG and accellerated video), the
#microdrive is not mandatory for me so if you want to keep it it's fine for me (but the
#microdrive port must be working on C3x00 devices).
#I'm not looking for any devices with any sort of hardware problems but will concider
#devices with minor wear issues.

#Answer here or drop me a PM if you have one of these you want to sell.
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SL-c760*  pdaXrom latest
SL-c860    pdaXrom latest ;-)
SL-c1000  pdaXrom Latest
Acer Aspire One running slackware and Clash
Toshiba AC100 running ARMedslack and Clash

*with some hardware problems but good for testing