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Window Manager Menu Configuration
« on: February 17, 2007, 04:42:39 am »
I was driven nuts for quite some time because I could not figure out 2 things:
what parsed the /usr/share/applications, /usr/local/share/applications framework
what made association between what was called Network in the framework and the Internet shown on the menu's.

Just incase someone else has gone mad with it too here is an explanation:
The the framework parser script is called "makeWNMAMEmenu" where WMNAME is the name of the WM ... for example for IceWM the script is "makeicemenu" and is run by the WM init script (.xinitrc).
The association is made automatically by the parser script and you can see where the association is made in the target files (that are WM dependant). For example in iceWM you can see the association in ~/.icewm/programs.

I have it explained in a little more detail on my home page.

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