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Sl-5600: Won't Power Up Again
« on: July 27, 2009, 02:19:32 pm »
I have an old SL-5600 which has been functioning fine for years---one day it decided to not wake up from a sleep (suspend) state. Then I tried to remove the battery, do "Reset", put in the external power cord---nothing avails. I then tested the battery with a multimeter, and to my surprise the battery won't show nonzero voltage between any two contacts. Now I want to diagnose further:

* Will this PDA run on external power only?  If somebody is kind enough, could you do this kind of experimentation: close all programs (to avoid losing data), then remove the battery. Close the cover without battery inside, then try running the PDA on external power only. Would it power up? If so, then my problem is not simply the battery.

* Does anyone have a method to fetch the data from the internal flash? I don't want to lose my address book, at least.