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Keyboard comparisons
« on: March 18, 2018, 04:08:44 pm »
So for those who have a Gemini, how would you compare it to other devices?

I have a HP Jornada 720 and really love the keyboard on it compared to the Psion Series 5. It's interesting to me that you rarely see people who have experience with both.

The Jornada's has easier to press keys whereas the Psion's are harder. Aside from the color screen, the Jornada is easier for me to type on for long periods of time because the key travel and the actuation pressure are less than the Series 5.

Can we get just some keyboard comparisons on this thread?

I'm curious also because I'm told that the Series 5 keys were not always hard to press down. I wonder if the Gemini might have similar keyboard variations. It seems that way wrt the spacebar.


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Keyboard comparisons
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2018, 06:46:40 pm »
As I may have mentioned elsewhere: it's hard to compare, because Psion keyboards varied in their firmness.  I have several Series 5mx units (as spares, for while others are being repaired — and yes, I'm still using one!), so I've seen how some are softer than others.  (I don't think it's due to age; I think they were like that from the start.)

I hope to be able to compare them with a Gemini in a few weeks' time.

Is it possible that Jornada keyboards varied, too?

As to which is best, I don't think there's a simple answer.  A keyboard that's too firm is tiring to type on; but one that's too soft can register unwanted keypresses.  And the perfect ‘Goldilocks’ firmness may vary for different people.
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