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Re: Void Linux
« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2022, 04:42:53 am »
Thanks for the info...

I am not really up for attempting to build a kernel for the C-750, at this time anyway.

I actually have invested a few hours so far, just trying to get a 4GB CF micro-drive get to a point where I can use it.  The "system" (Cacko) recognizes it as far as showing that it is inserted, and also allows an eject of the device.

But there is nothing in the "dmesg" output, and I have tried "guessing" at possible device names to pass to fdisk, but I have had no success.

I figured I would mention it in this thread, as someone may know.

I will not expect a "ready to use on C-750 void linux" distro any time soon... :)
_John Miskinis_