Author Topic: SailfisOS Version 4.1.0 on Gemini PDA no audio on phone call and media play  (Read 1867 times)


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After i few months and a few updates (to SailfishOS version i have to use the device as (phone) replacement for my failed main phone.
... and i run into a problem which make the usage as phone with SailfishOS impossible  ::).
There is no audio output on the phone speaker, on the stereo laudspeaker, on a wired and on a bluetooth headset  :o.

For more information take i look here

On my also installed debian linux audio woks, so it is no hardware problem.
If someone did not have this problem it would be fine to give some information here (e.g. installed rpms, ...)

Many thanks gabs5807
Amongst many other Computers and Phones i'm using a Gemini PDA WIFI+G4 and a Cosmo Communicator both with German keyboard, all with SailfishOS and Debian ;-)