Author Topic: Gemini random restarts - observation  (Read 1979 times)

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Gemini random restarts - observation
« on: July 06, 2021, 12:43:23 am »
Hi all,
I am quite a satisfied owner of Gemini 4G for about 2.5 years (though I am afraid it is going to end soon, but that's anotther story). I've seen variously on different fora reports about random restart, and experienced some myself, and this is just for the resord - so that other people can perhaps find some relevant information here.

  • By now, if the battery level reaches about 20% or so, it will suddenly drop to zero and the Gemini turns off. From this I assume the batter is operating at 80% of its original capacity. Recalibration does not help. This is expected and in fact the battery works better than I expected after this time. I still get many hours of power on time.
  • I am 99% of the time on wifi, so I did not notice for some time, but if the gemini is on 3G/LTE (or even 2G), with "random light internet usage" it will restart perhaps once in two hours; heavy usage (such as zoom meeting via 3G/LTE) will restart it on average every hour or so
  • Running on 3G/LTE and turning on wifi hotspot means a certain reboot every half an hour or so.

From the above I guess the Gemini is operating quite at the edge of battery power and stochastic spikes in CPU and radio usage sometimes push it over the edge.

Second, quite unrelated source of restarts is an USB hub plugged into the right side - only one of the devices connected to the hub worked (this is well known). But after some time, I rooted the device, and since then plugging in the hub means an immediate restart (I am not sure about the causality of the rooting, but correlation there seems to be). In fact, with the hub plugged in, Gemini won't even boot, stuck in an infinite restart loop after the Planet logo display. (I am still running Android 7, because based on what I've read, I have no need to uppgrade)