Author Topic: [SALE] Gemini 4G+WiFi QWERTZ (German) x27 and various accessories  (Read 1986 times)


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Hi, I decided to sell my German Gemini via Ebay. Auction starts at 1 €. There does not seem to be much attention at the moment. I also offer various accessories (HDMI adapter, USB hub, charger, two leather pouches) each starting at 1 € as well. I thought somebody wanting just an accessory could bid for it then. Why do I sell the gemini? I was able to buy a 5mx pro in an unopened box ("new old stock") and realized that this is what I wanted...  for the Gemini for the original pouch for an alternative very high quality pouch for the USB-C hub for the HDMI adapter for the EU charger

Of course I would also ship to locations outside Germany.

And stay healthy!!!!
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Re: [SALE] Gemini 4G+WiFi QWERTZ (German) x27 and various accessories
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Did you sell the HDMI adaptor?
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