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Summary of Japanese reviews and comments
« on: February 15, 2022, 09:00:59 pm »
While waiting to receive Astro Slide 5g, I just summarized some Japanese reviews on YouTube, twitters and some other postings.

Yamane-san's reviews and comments
- In general, he is satisfied with Astro Slide.
- Cosmo's HDMI adapter didn't work.
- He wrote two articles for web magazines with Astro Slide.
- He stop using tablet + keyboard case after he receive Astro Slide.
- He didn't notice much of high contrast of display but did agree high contrast once someone pointed out. But it did not seem to bother him much.
- Keyboard is solid and stable.
- Protective film is attached already.
- Sliding mechanism is much smoother than previous Astro prototype he played with.  Since the mechanism changed from the prototype, he could not open with two thumbs holding Astro Slide horizontally any more.  He recommended to open with two hands, the left hand holding keyboard and the right hand sliding the middle of display and pushing it all the way to the right.
- He could start using Astro Slide without Google sign in, but needed to sign in to download additional components for gboard.

Kappamaru-san's reviews and comments
- Cosmo's HDMI setting was not on Astro's setting (no HDMI setting on Astro yet)... and Cosmo's HDMI didn't work.
- Protective film is already attached on the display.
- The surface of keyboard on Astro Slide is rather smooth compare to Cosmo's surface that is rather dry touch.
- Size of Astro Slide is very close to Cosmo. Astro is thicker than Cosmo.
- He is planning to write next review that compare with Cosmo.

NariNari-san's comments
- Taking nostalgic pictures.. (dated picture quality...)
- Finger print scanner is not working well.
- Currently Astro Slide may not be able to use Planet Backup.

I can see positive feeling, but there are some minor concerns.


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Re: Summary of Japanese reviews and comments
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2022, 02:01:37 am »
I find it disturbing that the support site at is completely silent about Astro. I mean, usually there's a day 0 patch available to fix issues that have been discovered between production start and users receiving the product...

Made a comment about this at IGG. Let's see if Planet responds (in all likelihood, not, but here's to hoping...)
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Re: Summary of Japanese reviews and comments
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2023, 03:17:47 pm »
…and getting on for a year later, there's still no mention of the Astro on Planet's official support site

As you say, a bit disturbing!

(Still, at least we have this forum to share what little we do know.)
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