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Re: ear phone noise
« Reply #15 on: February 02, 2023, 09:51:51 am »
One more thing... which I am not sure where to post, as I don't know the scope. As it may have to do with the particular adapter above, I am posting it here.

With some use, I have noticed another audio issue than those mentioned above. It affects, at least, my particular USB-C headset adapter and probably carries over to, at least, that particular model of adapter and, possibly, to using USB-C headset adapters with the Astro in general.

Seemingly at random, during phone calls, the audio in my headphones briefly degrades severely, usually below intelligibility. It doesn't appear to affect what the other person hears (they haven't complained anyway), which makes sense, as the microphone(s) in the Astro picks up my outgoing audio. It usually rectifies itself within seconds, and tends to be at its worst so briefly, that I can usually guess any lost syllables from the context. Yet, it is quite annoying and if something like a sequence of digits had to get through correctly, I'd much rather deal with the noise of the Astros analogue headphone output.

In some calls it doesn't happen at all, in others, it's there like 10% of the time, often in clusters. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the USB connection, so I'd rather guess it has to do with what else the Astro might be doing at the moment, other than my phone call. To me it sounds like an audio buffer going out of sync, which I, in turn, thinks sound a bit like a very heavy bit-crusher effect.


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Re: ear phone noise
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