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Nano-X on Zaurus
« on: July 13, 2022, 12:31:59 pm »
Even if you can do everything with a console, pdaxrom and qtopia show that the Zaurus with a good GUI can still be a swiss army knife of portable computing. My dream would be to combine the modern foundation of Void (or Arch, or Debian...) with such a lightweight GUI.

My attempts to get X to run performantly have been fruitless so far. Under Arch, vanilla X is much too slow because of the 64 MB RAM.
Even an optimized system built from scratch using buildroot has also proven to be impractical.

Now I came across the following:

This seems to be an alternative X-compatible display server which can run with a framebuffer or SDL backend, is actively maintaned and has already been successfully used in mini-linux distributions with 64 MB RAM:

It would be worth a try to package nano-x and replace X with it. Unfortunately I don't know much yet about building distributions (systemd, packaging, package dependencies, config...) and therefore I wanted to ask if someone has already made experiences with nano-x and what you think about my idea and its feasibility.