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"For Sale / Wanted" subforum rules
« on: March 09, 2020, 04:33:23 am »

this subforum is dedicated to everyone who'd like to sell or wants a Cosmo/Gemini/GPD device/Zaurus or similar devices. Note that these posts are to be intended as personal listings; using this subforum for commercial trading is prohibited.

All sales posts must contain the following information:
- The topic of your post must start with [SALE] followed by a brief description of what you are selling
- The exact item(s) you are selling including model number, age of the item (if used), condition of the item
- The country you live in
- The country / countries you are willing to ship it to
- The price of the item in the countries you wish to sell it to. If you do not mind selling it to any country post the prices for the items in USD, EUR or GPB
- What payment methods you accept
- At least one form of contact information such as a telephone number, an email address or an Instant Messenger account.

Note: you are allowed to post a link to an external auction site, such as eBay. In this case, only the [For Sale] and description in the title, plus a link to the item are required.

All wanted posts must contain the following information:
- The topic of your post must start with [WANTED] followed by a brief description of what you need
- The exact item(s) you want including model number(s)
- The country you live in
- What your preferred payment methods are
- A brief statement on why you want the item (for example, spares etc)

If a post will miss one or more of the above information, the post will be hidden and a PM will be sent to the author, requiring to add the missing information. If the post won't be updated within 7 days, it will be deleted.

You are allowed to reply to your own post (commonly known as bumping); bumping is required if one or more of the information have been changed in the meanwhile (e.g. the selling price has been lowered, or an item has been added to the lot).

No 'thread crapping' is allowed or tolerated. Negative comments and opinions posted about the items listed for sale will be removed by moderators and person posting such comments will be warned. If this happens repeatedly, person posting will be removed from OESF.

Happy transactions, and remember that neither OESF nor anyone directly affiliated with it takes responsibility for any item(s) posted here, the responsibility lies directly with the post creator.

The OESF team
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