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Ideal Custom Rom Sl-5500
« on: December 02, 2004, 11:55:47 am »
Now that I have identified what I use most on my Zaurus.  I guess the next thing I need to do is choose/build a rom, or perhaps someone has already done something close to what I want.  So I am curious if folks can make recommendations either of a rom or what application I should put on the Z.

The basics
SL5500 Currently Using 256MB SD & CF, which commonly get removed, the device preferably needs to work without the memory installed.

Starting from most important feature to least here is what I have in mind.

1st Mp3 Player Ideally should also play WAV, MPG, OGG and possibly Midi and should have power save functions so it can play for hours. It would also be nice to move forward and back through the song while its playing.
2nd Address Book should be able to Synchronize data with W98 PC, Calendar functions less important this is the main reason I run it w/o CF/SD in.
3rd Spreadsheet (able to read/Edit/Save Excel files) & Text Editor
4th Image Pad allows Editing and save of pictures in a readable format for other programs.
5th Web Browsing including standard Graphics (PDF less important but helpful)
6th File Transfers between W98 PC (eventually Linux) without removing cards.
7th  Something to play games, though I find myself doing this least often don’t know if it should be Java only?.

So those are my requests any suggestions?
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