Author Topic: Video playback on the 6000  (Read 53033 times)


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Video playback on the 6000
« Reply #75 on: June 27, 2006, 03:27:50 pm »
Ah, good video at last! Thanks for all who posted their experiences.
I am using the following:

Zplayer  - (or to be precise)
Note: The site is in Japanese [I used to use Kino2 but Zplayer seems to work better with mPlayer and in terms of the screen clean-up after playing a video, there is no comparison.]

mPlayer - ( )

Set the following mplayer parameters in the ZPlayer config tab (run Mplayer, goto Tools/Configuration, Mplayer tab, "Use Additional options" )
Enter: -really-quiet -framedrop -cache 2048 -vo fbdev -fs  

To play videos in full-screen "magnified mode" find the zPlayer desktop config file (/home/QTPalmtop/apps/Applications/zplayer.desktop) and delete the "Display" line along with it's display parameters. Return to the "desktop" and find the zplayer icon. Hold the stylus on the zPlayer icon until it shows the start-up parametes. Click on the magnified mode. Personally I don't like the giant interface but you can't argue with the video results.  Note that this merely doubles the pixels used and so the crispness of the video is lessened. I just hold my Z back a little farther : )

Some of the requestor buttons may be unreadable in Zplayer but it is quite usable.

Also, I noticed if I didn't type in the parameter settings correctly I would get a blank screen. So if you do, check that. The Cancel button, by the way, closes the app.

Again Thanks to all who posted before. I would be nowhere without you.


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Video playback on the 6000
« Reply #76 on: January 22, 2007, 04:12:59 am »
mplayer handles QVGA xvid files encoded with Qpixel and GMC without any problem. I use two-pass  encoding with Gordian Knot on a Win machine.

Here are my configs
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