Author Topic: Successfully flashed my 5000D  (Read 680 times)


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Successfully flashed my 5000D
« on: October 26, 2004, 03:37:01 am »
Hi All,

No particular issue, I just wanted to recap what I figured out. It might help somebody.

I came across an old 5000D, decided to figure out what I could do with it. Decided I wanted to update it. Spent hours googling for "zaurus", "5000D", "rom" etc. Found the old Sharp Zaurus Devweb, it has some info and downloads for 5500. Found some notes that said do not flash a 5000D with 5500 roms, etc. Eventually I found the right roms on the ZUG front page - under "Site Mirrors" and "". I also got an email from Sharp directing me to for support - but their website doesn't offer much.

So I tried to flash the Zaur up to 1.38 by putting it on my only available CF card - a 128MB SanDisk. The green and yellow lights flashed on for 2 seconds, then turned off. Pressing full reset again brought the Zaur back. I read that early Zaurs had problems with the 128 SanDisks, so I figure it just didn't find the files to flash with, and aborted. The file was visible in File Manager though.

The file to flash (up to 1.38) is called "romimage".

The original version of rom was so early, that it didn't report what version it was in the settings menu (where everyone says to look). It showed the linux kernel version, though.

When I flashed it, I left the 256MB SD card in it by mistake. Didn't cause a problem though.

Now I'm trying to get the Belkin F506060 wireless CF card to work (bad fit for the Zaurus, it blocks the hole for the stylus). But, thanks to having 1.38 in there, the IRDA port is working!

Pretty cool, so far.

I found a lot of info on ZUG, thanks for all your posts!



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Successfully flashed my 5000D
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2004, 08:42:48 pm »
Hey, nothin' wrong with the venerable old 5000D; that's the only zaurus I own (would love a clamshell, but since the Z is more of a clever toy at the moment than a real productivity device, I just can't justify it).

I'm using my 5000D with OZ 3.5.1 (using a 32 generic CF and a 64 sandisk CF) and I have to say it's added life to the poor tired beast.  Works like a champ; highly recommended--particularly since the 5000D was so limited by its 32M of memory--the 32+0 OZ image lets you use all 32 for memory, the 16 flash for storage, and an SD card for the rest.

Go 5000D, brave li'l entry-level Zaurus.  Gotta love that thing.