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Elsi Spam Reports
« on: November 23, 2004, 12:30:12 am »
The ELSI is up live and in beta.  First off, I wanna thank JCroto1 for submitting all his spam reports.    When we imported the data from the old ZSI, there was A LOT of spam and there still is a good chunk.  Hopefully we'll get all of it out before full live launch.

If you guys want to help, join us at and just browse through.  When you find a piece of spam, click on 'Report This Project' and let us know.  All you have to do is enter 'spam' in the report box.

As well, if you sign up for an account now, it will transfer over when the ELSI is final.

If you have submitted a project to the old ZSI, you will be able to claim it on the ELSI.  I will soon have that module written up and when I do, I will post news on how to do so.
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