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Z Is Dead, Wrong Polrity
« Reply #15 on: December 12, 2004, 07:56:13 am »
Unfortuneately, many people (from my reading on the board) have reversed the polarity of their external power supplies.  This will kill the charging circuit!!    The only fix I know of is to send the Z to Sharp.  I don't believe that they will fix it as a warranty item either since it was "user error" from their point of view.  This really sucks.  When I build electronic circuit, I always design them for the lowest common denominator, this includes a reverse polarity protection circuit.  The earlier post about size, cost, etc is the current design philosophy for consumer electronics.  They look at it this way:  If it breaks, it is a "sale" for them since you must either replace it or repair it.  This is like the 80's and 90's models from GM where they were designed to be easily stolen.  Every car/truck that was stolen was a "sale" for GM since the owner had to replace it.  The only reason GM changed their designs to something more difficult to steal, was that a very large police group was going to give a public press release saying don't buy GM vehicles since they WILL be stolen.  Gotta love modern corporate thinking  

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