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Lan Network Connection
« on: February 09, 2005, 03:39:53 am »
I Have a socket CF LAN card and I wanted to use it on my 6000 with the guyhlem fast kernel.

But even after setting up the LAN connection in the network screen, and having set it to auto mount, and having disabled all WiFi automount options, not only does it not connect when I insert it, but I do not even see the LAN option in the network applet!

The card is correctly recognized at plug in tough.

Is there something I am missing?
Does the card and the lan connection work with the 6000 stock Kernel (I know I used it with the 5500, at least with the 2.3x Roms)?
Maybe it is again a "driver not loaded" issue? In that case what should I check?

Any help would be appreciated as in my office I do not have WiFi and this would allow me to connect the Z.
Thanks a lot in advance,