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Full Version: Need Smb.conf
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So I managed to nuke my smb.conf file. Dont ask...

Anyway, could someone kindly paste theirs in here so I can copy it? Also, I remember reading that there was something special to get it to work via wlan.

Thanks in advance!
Just write the following two lines in the file:

netbios name = Z
workgroup = workgroup
# workgroup is either a domain name or a workgroup name
workgroup = WORKGROUP
log file = /dev/null
# encrypt passwords is required for Win98, NT and Windows 2000
encrypt passwords = yes

coding system = utf8
client code page = 932
force create mode = 0755
strict sync = yes
sync always = yes

# interfaces =
interfaces = usbd0 eth0 bnep0 irda0 ppp0
# wins support = yes
# bind interfaces only = yes
comment = System Folder
path = /root/samba
read only = no
browseable = no
guest ok = yes
force user = root
comment = for User Data
path = /home/samba
short preserve case = no
read only = no
guest ok = yes
force user = zaurus
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