Anyone tried one of these?

It's a device that lets you put a CF Microdrive on the USB port. The idea is to have a USB drive without the need for a powered hub to provide power. Only $14 too!

The power requirements are:

DC 5V +/-5%, through USB port, Suspend:<500μA Active:85mA+/-5%

I assume that is the reader itself; the CF drive would go on top of that? I found that the microdrives run around 250 mA, at least this Hitachi 1GB drive does. That adds up to 335 ma. Can the Z drive that much?

The PQI site says they have dropped the product, so get 'em while they are available!

This might be nice for us C1000 owners who don't want to be constantly pulling their CF Wireless cards to get a hard drive (along with some nondestructive swap!) to run those big X applications.

I'm just wondering about drivers...

<later> Woops, now I'm just noticing the USB drive topic has been beat to death around here already. rolleyes.gif