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Full Version: Moto Mod Keyboard
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I think this is an interesting accessory for a Moto Z series of phones, where you have the "moto mod" connector

The main advantage is that the accessory might outlive a couple of generations of phone. There's good evidence that Lenovo are going to continue to make phones with moto mod capability.
An interesting solution, though Lenovo will have to use for their next models exactly the same form factor as well so that this add-on will remain compatible.

the Moto Mod keyboard thing is now an official Moto Mod

"Our product, Livermorium Slider Keyboard, was officially announced by Lenovo/Moto at CES today! We are now one of the Official Moto Mods products"
The layout seems pretty good, but I have to wonder how comfortable it would be to use. Seems rather top heavy. My last slider (Samsung Captivate Glide) had a lot more of the weight - including the battery - in the bottom half where the keyboard is. That's not physically possible with an add-on (unless it also served as a supplementary battery, i suppose). Great for them it's got official backing though!
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