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Full Version: Zaurus Commercial software on Yahoo! Japan
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Nope, it isn't Picsel Browser. Google translate pegs it as a Dictionary card. Probably from C7x0 era. Here's to hoping that Picsel Browser and that wicked Activision/Sunsoft Shanghai Mahjongg game (demo on the C1000 CD) show up soon.

Zaurus Dictionary on SD card

PS - I am not the seller neither do I any sort of connection to the seller. I would put this in Z deals but it's archived
I don't know how useful it might be nowadays, I believe that koan's ZBedic dictionaries are more up-to-date: . Still, an interesting collectors' item.

As for the Z deals forum, I decided to archive it basing on the number of posts there (the last post was in 2012, the previous one is dated 2009...). I might append "Deals and great buys" to this "For Sale / Wanted" forum title, or if you prefer I can put the Deals forum out of retirement, though I don't expect to see many posts there.

BTW, I have noticed that the pinned Rules post by Foxdie needed to be updated, I have unpinned it for now, if you think that it would be useful I might prepare some new, simplified, rules, too. Also, by checking the old posts I have noticed that the Pulster shop is still online and, while they are out of stock regarding Zauruses and Netwalkers, they still seem to have some accessories available, so check it out if you're searching for some of this stuff:

Yes, I agree it is only a collector's item.

You are correct, bringing back the Z deals forum is pointless at this juncture. Even this for sale forum isn't the hopping place it used to be.

Yes, I knew about Pulster and I should point out that Conics is still around and it is the place to go if you need a replacement LCD or LCD ribbon for your Z. They also have lower 7x0 chassies if you need replacement plastics or a keyboard.

I'm planning a Pulster order down the road once my home currency rebounds.
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