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Full Version: GPD micro pc 6" laptop
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Interesting device, nice to see that GPD keeps developing and releasing new UMPCs. I guess the major selling point of the MicroPC will be its price (299$!). I wonder how it compares with the Pocket 2, size wise it seems to be on par, although it is probably more thick.

QUOTE(speculatrix @ Dec 13 2018, 08:33 AM) *

This is actually quite interesting, mostly because of the RJ45 and serial port. The keyboard layout is a bit weird. I will keep an eye on this one.
Agree with other comments....

Like that it has all the ports in such a little device....

Keyboard and touchpad are a bit different....

looks not that small...

..not really sure what I am seeing here, but a Ubuntu work in progress / proof of concept perhaps ? That would be good!

Note: the rotated background icons, indicating the screen is (same as Zaurus, Gemini or GPD devices) a smartphone LCD meant to run in portrait mode as default. Possibly in this demo just using fbdev (without rotation) ?

Source :
Still, this is quite promising...
Better start saving now *sigh*

I wonder how finalized the overall design and layout (keyboard) is. The indiegogo page is not up yet and it would be nice to provide some feedback for this particular model.

A youtube clip has surfaced : (Trial operation on Micro PC touch pad)

The demo clip does not show it, but I suppose you could drive the touch pad with your right thumb and the mouse buttons on the left with your left thumb. Maybe not too bad operation while holding it.
A discussion by The Phawx

Supplies will be limited because Intel are struggling to keep up demand.
Right at the end The Phawx says that GPD will be launching a non-intel based device, presumably because of Intel supply shortages..whether that means AMD or Arm wasn't stated.

A review of a pre-production unit by The Phawx
Yes, I have no self control. Backed for one.
I like that they fitted every port you could ever need. I guess a mix/combination of this with the gpd pocket would be great.
It's nice to see the UMPC category of devices has been revived.
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