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Full Version: Problems with the Data App
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I like databases, and on my Psion netBook have quite a number. On another thread I've outlined problems in moving a database (exporting) a databas from the netBook to the Gemini. However, I've met a couple of snags, so far with the Gemini version
1. The Search function is not particularly effective, clear or simple. The options for search do not seem as verstile as on the netBook, but these are early days, and more use may indicate otherwise. But one effect I cannot fathom, is that the search result in some cases has the line of the result overprinted with a different line of text, which is a tad confusing.
2. Most databases are lists. The natural way is to number each entry, 1,2,3,4 and so on. Selecting 'number' as the required field type goes ahead without problem. However entering numbers fails at 10, which does not follow 9 in the listing but is placed beneath 1. In other words, although a number format is chosen, the Databas App considers it text, where a purely alphabetic ordering would put 10 below 1 whilst a number format would place it below 10. I've not pursued it further, but imagine that the confusion would increase with more complex numbers

The above are obviously problems with the programmers, but I've no idea of how to put it to them.
Further investigation reinforces my earlier conclusion. Despite the field being classed as a number field, it is in fact a text field. It will accept numbers as text characters, alphabetic characters, grammatical symbols, multi line input, etc., etc. I did find a contact page in the Planet web page, with an option to email. So I've sent them my findings. We can, now, only wait. At the moment, the Data app cannot sensibly be used, universally, since the order of presentation is determined by alphanumeric text sorting. My earlier Data application, was a book collection, which was indexed by author, alphabetically. But any numbered listing is a definite no, no
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