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Full Version: Linux not booting after upgrade to lxc-android package
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I am just posting this to let other people know.
The kali-gem repository by re4son kernel received an update to the lxc-android package.
After I upgraded to this new version. (I update and upgrade as often as possible.)

Linux just became unbootable I could not ssh in even over USB cable. So I have just given up and reflashed.

Luckily (due to the amount of times I have had to reflash) I have written a bash script that more or less restores my system to its default. With only a few settings here and there needing to be tweaked via a GUI.

Linux did seem to boot correctly, I know this because I set up a cron job to change the brightness to 5% on system boot. Which did in fact work.

I was planning on using the logcat tool to see if I could fix the problem over ssh.

I don't really know how this problem can be solved but for now I am just going to hold the package back.
The xserver-xorg-video-hwcomposer package also needs to be held back as it turns the screen sideways and messes up the mouse orientation.
Are you multi booting or booting straight into Kali ?
What Kali firmware are you using ?
I am using the android-kali image from the kali website.

so my kali is boot 2. (I hold the silver button down after vibrating to get into kali.)

I should mention I swapped the 3.18.41kali+ kernel for the one located in this blog post.

so my kernel is 3.18.41+ which differs to the 3.18.41kali+ kernel.

I am using the modules from the same blog post as well.

I used the flashing tool to flash the kernel, as flashing manually using the dd command did not seem to work at all under kali. (After bootloader Linux crashes and then it just restarts and boots the default android instead.)

I also used the 5GB to android 50GB to Linux scatter file from here:

I might be wrong in what I think you mean by firmware but I have the firmware-atheros, firmware-libertas, firmware-misc-nonfree, firmware-ralink and firmware-realtek packages installed.

Sorry if that is unhelpful.

my version of kali is of course 2019.1 as specified on the official kali website.
I also don't use android on this device and haven't installed any updates for it.
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