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Full Version: ROM-specific feeds?
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Maybe have an option for maintainers of the various ROMs to link to feeds that are specifically created for their respective ROMs? As it would be better for people to see if their respective ROMs had a certain package created specifically for it, instead of going for one created for another ROM...

For example, OZ has a huge feed, as does the pdaXrom. My own ROM has a small feed, of a few packages re-packed to conform to the re-done tab-structure...

While not as big an issue with my own ROM, and the other Sharp-based ROMs, it would be a great bigger deal for OZ and pdaXrom people, as those ROMs use completely different setups than the Sharp ROMs (X11 on pdaXrom, GCC 3.x on OZ, etc.)

Anyway, just an idea so people can search for a package in an "official" feed, before trying one on the ZSI2.
I like that idea.

I'm going to put it on the backburner though until the main site is good and done. I was hit with a lot of school work this past week and I've had to take on some extra hours at work so I can make some extra money to pay the bills, so I haven't gotten to work on the ZSI as much as I'd liked to.

I think though there's only about a good weeks worth of work. I just need to find the time. Have no fear though, it will get done.
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