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Full Version: Disable Auto-rotate On Cacko 1.22/c700
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Got a new C700 yesterday, first thing i did was install cacko 1.22 (Always been a big fan of cacko's rom since my SL5500)

Few things that bugged me (all usually suspend related)

1) Screen going off (work around via FN-4)
2) Rotation screwing up when I rotate in the middle of an app. Is there a way to manually over-ride the auto rotate ? I.e. It does not auto rotate and I have to click rotate manually to force it. I like to use the PDA in landscape mode even with the scren inverted. (ScumVM + stylus is doable)
3) Suspendin/Unsuspending SDL games (openttd,etc). sometimes give me gibberish noise on the screen. And pressing home,etc doesnt fix it. Is there a keyboard sequence to reboot the machine instead of battery in/out ?

Great rom ! Keep up the good work. Kino2 is lovely.

Can't help with the first two, but you can use the Application Key control panel to allocate Shutdown to one of the special keys... as long as you don't hit it accidentally. smile.gif
Anyone knows how to disable auto-rotate ?
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