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Zaurus - pdaXrom / Anybody got ethereal working?
« on: December 26, 2003, 08:12:44 am »
Ethereal is fien for networks on hubs, but ettercap is superior because it can sniff switched networks

General Discussion / I GOT ONE!
« on: December 20, 2003, 10:00:20 pm »
I got a sl-5500 on ebay for 197 shipped!

General Discussion / cheap 5500? new or used...
« on: December 11, 2003, 06:08:17 pm »
Where can I find a cheap SL-5500? I am looking on ebay and see some decent prices, can anyone suggest a better place to look?

so about how long can I expect to use a 5500 before it dies? This is a tough choice, price vs a few important options in difference...hmmm

I would mostly use it to keep my schedule/contacts, alert me of appointments, remote manage servers and workstations via ssh and vnc, use on wireless networks, listen to mp3\'s, sync with outlook/outlook express, possibly IRC or instant messenger, taking notes, storing misc files... what one is right for me.. I am not the wealthy\'st guy in the world.

I am looking into purchasing a Zaurus and I noticed quite a difference in price. I read that the CPU is doubled and it has secure memory, but that is all I see changed. Is it worth the price hike? I am thinking of getting an SL-5500 off of ebay...Should I wait for the SL-6000?

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