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OpenMoko / Manual Install Package
« on: August 26, 2008, 02:59:29 am »
I have a problem on my network, I have a proxy and I'm not able to configure neo to download pkg with:
opkg update
opkg upgrade
I try to download pkg from repository but I have a question: from some pkg there are 3 files, for example:
 openmoko-dates2-dev_0.1.0+svnr673-r2_armv4t.ipk                                              22-May-2008 03:20     1k  
 openmoko-dates2_0.1.0+svnr673-r2_armv4t.ipk                                                  22-May-2008 03:20    35k  
openmoko-dates2-dbg_0.1.0+svnr673-r2_armv4t.ipk                                              22-May-2008 03:20   105k
What is the correct version to download?
Thanks a lot.
Best Regards.

OpenMoko / Dates - Calendar
« on: August 25, 2008, 11:45:14 am »
Thanks a lot for your replay:
the version downlodable fron this url:
I recommend using this image from Raster:

is stable?
This version contain more application of the current version?

Thanks a lot

OpenMoko / Dates - Calendar
« on: August 25, 2008, 09:19:20 am »
Good Afternoon, I have received my freerunner some days ago, but I can't find  the application Dates (calendar). How can I install it?
Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot

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