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For Sale / Wanted / Selling Zaurus Battery
« on: October 31, 2005, 02:17:44 pm »
hey all,

i just got my batt from ludwig. he sent one a month ago and i never recieved it. i emailed him about a week ago and he sent another that just arrived. i can't wait to test it out, it seems to be fully charged now but I m charging her up for good measure. tell yall about it tomorrow.

thanks ludwig

For Sale / Wanted / Take My 5500, Please!
« on: October 24, 2005, 11:56:45 am »
I have had my Zaurus 5500 for about a year and a half and I love it. The Mrs. calls it Doris, the other woman. It's so cool and I have done a lot of neat things with it but it's time we parted ways. Here is what is included:

Zaurus 5500 (of course) w/original box, cd, manual. screen cover, docking station with ac adapter and usb link
Linksys WCF12 802.11b Compact Flash
Lexar 256 MB SD
32 MB Compact Flash
3 way battery charger (usb, car, air zync)
Handsfree earpiece speaker and microphone with plug adapter to fit the audio jack
Nifty little stylus/pen
and I ordered a double capacity batt (see this thread) that I will included along with any other extras i dig up.

I am asking $300 but will consider any reasonable offer. I just want her to go to a good home. Holler at me,

zfozz at yahoo dot com

5x00 General discussions / I'll Just Go Out And Ask It:
« on: July 06, 2005, 11:50:37 pm »
dig it

i use VOIP on my 5500 and it works great. i wrote this some time ago on my stumbleupon blog. here ya go:

Great VOIP hook up!

Packet8 [] ) is a provider of broadband phone service for business and residential users. It works great with my Zaurus SL-5500 [] ), Free World Dialup [] ), and KP/Pi [] ). Basicly, anywhere there is free wifi(like everywhere) I can use my Zaurus with the KP/Pi program to dial out with my FWD account. I can call my Packet8 number which in turn can be forwarded to any number of my choosing via a web interface.

Voila! Unlimited calling to anywhere in the US and Canadia fo' free right from my Zaurus.


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