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Ok, i have got it done for Sailfish without a full reflash. I do not want to lose any settings that may reside in userdata. Android is still swapping the mac address. But i could not care less about that.

What i did is:
1) hexedit /nvdata/APCFG/APRDEB/WIFI and set the mac address in bytes 04-09 (mind that the base is 0, so it starts at the 5th byte) of the first row (0).
2) set the i attr on the file

Originally bytes 04-09 contained zeros, so i suppose that causes the system to generate a fake mac address.

There is lots of talk about it on the internet by Android people. Search something like "hex edit nvram wifi mac address". Note that the Android people talk about nvram instead of nvdata. They have a similar file in /data/nvram/...

Yes, exactly the same sizes. And afterwards make absolutely sure that the only diff with the previous scatter file are lines with different file names (use a diff tool). If you find more differences, something went wrong with setting "the same sizes".

My Sailfish partition and Android settings were all intact after flashing.

Basically you can follow this instruction:

Yet i noticed i needed a new scatter file, because in the base firmware the filenames had changed. So what i did is:

1) Create a new scatter file exactly like the previous one, in my case with 2 boots, Sailfish 40G and Android 16G.
2) I did a diff between the previous and the new scatter file in order to check that only file names had changed.
3) Then used the new scatter file.

To keep everything as it was, your data, settings and desktops, be absolutely sure to UNcheck "userdata" in FlashTool. In the end you should have everything checked, except 2x boot (only the boot of android must be checked, in my case boot2) and except "userdata".

That worked for me to upgrade Android without destroying anything.

Did the chattr thing in Sailfish and rebooted in Sailfish. Still a different wifi mac address.

Beginning 2019 i flashed the Gemini to dual boot for Sailfish and Android 7.1. There were no issues then. Recently Android 8.1 came available, and because i have the dual boot the OTA did not work and i had to reflash the dual boot together with Android 8.1. Everything seemed fine, until i found out that ever since (10-06-2019) the wifi mac address changed its number 4 and 5 hex digit at every reboot.

I tested rebooting in Sailfish and Android, and both show the wifi mac address change. Therefore i think it happens in the Gemini firmware that enables dual boot.

This is rather a problem, because some servers i connect to rely on my mac address. Does anyone else notice this wifi mac address changing at reboot with a dual boot flashed Gemini since the Android 8.1 came available? If so, does anyone know how to stop this wifi mac address changing at reboot?

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