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Cxx0 General discussions / Weird Sync Error - C700
« on: February 23, 2005, 03:27:28 pm »
    I got a new laptop with Outlook at work, so i installed intellisync 3.2E with the USB drivers on it.
Everything work fine. I can start the sync. I get my conflict address. I fix them, then when
the sync start writing on the zaurus i get.

The zaurus data may contain an invalid value.
please review using the 'error check' function on the zaurus

I have space in /home (14megs) and its only like 100 contacts I have to sync.

Where is that Error check function ?

I get the same problem when i try to write from the file transfert program. I can get a file from my SD card and put it on my laptop but i cant put an ipk on the SD card.

Seem like something block it. I tried USB IO and USB TCP/IP

Suggestion ?

C700 - Cacko 1.21b - Laptop is a XP SP2 (HP nc8000)
Using USB Drivers from download section.


I just figured out after some reboot (disabled swap on SD and SD) thats its actually my jffs2 that has a bad block. And mount /home in read only :/

I guess its time to format and flash cacko 1.22... I hope thats fix the problem......

Sharp ROMs / Trolltech Qtopia 2.1 ROM soon
« on: November 02, 2004, 10:30:47 am »
I know its been posted before, but in a "off-topic" post.

I was talking to lpotter (Qtopia Community Liaison) the other night about TT plan, and he told me (like the faq) that the Qtopia version 2.1 rom should be out very soon. Thats great news. Im really looking forward to it.

Like 5-6 months ago. I did some Qtopia 1.7 image for my c700, it was really bugged (couples of patches i took from opie to make keyboard work, ts was messed up etc). But i saw the UI and it was a really great improvement. Everything was nicer and cleaner. Im looking a lots forward the 2.1 version (especially since sharp is stuck at 1.5.4 forever). I believe since its directly linked to Qtopia Desktop that Sync will be really better. (Hopefully with Mozilla someday). Of course a lots of peoples swtiched to KDE/PiM already, but who know what TT will release

The ROM will be gcc 2.95.3 to keep compatiblity with older version (so standard sharp ipk will work, guessing the rom is using the same ipkg). I guess they will use the standard 2.4.18 kernel too. Hopefully sashz or others will add the "nice to have" features and support from cacko ROM next

I hope they release the ROM with gcc 3.4.2 for the 20-25x speed improvement later. (even if it break all .ipk compat).

Anyone else looking forward the new Qtopia version ?

Cxx0 Hardware / Internal speaker volume and alarm
« on: October 14, 2004, 04:26:06 pm »
    I was wondering today about something, i saw a couples of posts about using the zaurus as a cell phone, and the pim stuff in general.

I find that the speaker volume at max, is quite low. Kinda not enough to heard it in a noisy place. I remember setting some alarm on the sharp PIM, and i would never notice that they got off.

It is possible to boost up the volume in the service menu (i never checked). or to do some mod to have a louder speaker ?

I looked a bit when i opened my c700, but i was not sure. I wonder if its a question of the speaker has low voltage so putting a louder speaker inside would not change much ?

Any suggestion to put it louder ?  That's could be more usefull if people use they zaurus as cell phone and want to heard it when they go out in a bar or any other place like that =p

Not sure how it happenned, but somehow i cracked my screen inside (probably hit on the cover). I was hoping that someone here would have a dead c7x0 device, bricked or whatever for sale. So i could switch the screen (I have no idea how hard it is. I hope its not too bad to do it myself).

Anyone know how much it is if i send back the device to sharp japan for repair (Im from canada, not sure they do that either)?

You can contact me at colsen AT (dont spam me omg omg), for any offer (even suggestions)

Thanks !


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