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Sharp ROMs / Broken Package Manager And Kopiemail
« on: October 03, 2006, 04:38:25 pm »
I'm running Cacko 1.23 on a C3200. A couple of days ago I tried to install qpdf2 using Package Manager. The completion bar moved up to 100% but then the package icon turned back to a closed box. (Package Manager has worked OK before.)

Today I had problems with KOpieMail refusing to acknowledge the existence of mail on a server which has been fine for a few weeks. (The default Email package works fine.) After a bit of poking around with Midnight Commander and a couple of reboots I couldn't see any problem, so decided to try uninstall/reinstall. Package Manager uninstalled KOpieMail fine, but won't reinstall it. Same thing happens -- gets to 100% then icon turns back to closed box.

Any suggestions (a) how to make Package Manager install again, and (b) how to make KOpieMail download mail?

Thanks in advance for ideas,


C1000/3x00 General discussions / Configuring 3200 For Office Use
« on: August 08, 2006, 03:29:46 am »
I'm just about to get a 3200 which I'd like to use as a basic "portable desktop", so I'll need to configure it. But I'm getting confused about the various ROM/X/Qt/Opie/GPE/workstation/super/jumbo installations.

The eventual basic functions I'm looking for are:
* English language
* stable setup (not bleeding edge)
* USB ethernet and wireless networking with a Netgear broadband router (preferably using WPA-PSK for wireless)
* appears as USB storage device to Windows/OSX
* automounts USB storage devices
* word processor which reads/writes Word and OpenDoc files (and preferably old OpenOffice files)
* spreadsheet which reads/writes Excel files (and preferably old OpenOffice files)
* good package management (for upgrades)
* jpg viewer
* pdf viewer
* voice recording up to 30 mins
* conversion of recordings to mp3
* mp3 player
* prints to Canon Pixma iP3000 (I know there's a Linux driver for this)
plus GnuCash would be nice but I can manage without.

As a starting point, what are the pros and cons of the various ROMs/distros in terms of supporting this kind of functionality? And what are the pros and cons of X/Qt/Opie/GPE/etc.? As much as possible I'd like to keep things simple, using a package manager where I can, so there's less chance of me screwing up and it's easier to upgrade.


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