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Sharp ROMs / Mount Commands For C3000 ?
« on: December 02, 2004, 12:39:19 am »
Anyone know what the command for accessing the C3000 program area in write mode is ?

On the Cxxx models, you could do it. But not sure what needs to be different to do it on a C3000.

General Discussion / Latest rumour on next model
« on: September 29, 2004, 04:25:30 am »
Hello all,

Just got an unofficial reply from our source in Japan that Sharp "may" have a new model out around end of November (Seamed quite confident).

No info on specs etc. what so ever. But if true, hopefully a bigger step up than the C760 to C860 update  

If they make this one with a Barbie Pink top (Wife called the C760 Barbie White), I'll kill them.

I should point out that when I have contacted these guys in the past following rumours, they have always dismissed them. So I reckon there is something to this one.

Besides which, not good for business telling everyone there may be a new model when you have existing stock, so not sure why I am telling you guys  

Oh, we have dropped the prices a little to compensate on the "Possible" new release. If it is Barbie pink, prices are going back up  

Software / New interim version of qpeGPS with map viewing
« on: September 12, 2004, 04:23:43 pm »
In case anyone is interested...

I've uploaded the binary an interim version of qpeGPS.

Not yet part of the official version (hopefully soon will be).

Adds option to use qpeGPS as a map viewer rather than just GPS. So you can use it without GPS connected etc.

See :

Software / Nice new script makes qpeGPS much easier
« on: August 23, 2004, 07:37:11 am »
Just thought I'd mention that there is a new script on the qpeGPS maps forum.

Had a play with it and it makes it much simpler (for me anyway) to get a good set of maps for it including generating the maps.txt file entries and converting to ping etc.

Give it the scale and the limits and leave it to get the maps. (Be sensible, the whole of the USA at street level is not sensible)...

Well worth checking out. Especially if you need maps outside the US as well. Got some nice UK ones out.

Take a look here :

All that is needed now is for a few key features, and I will be quite happy with it. At least until someone actually brings out some route planning software.

If any coders are volanteering by the way, just need some options to allow :

Zoom in and out of maps (not just changing map scales, so you can better read detail etc.)

Allow navigation between maps independant of GPS. (Act like a map viewer, so you can plan your journey for example).

General Discussion / C860 just got What Mobile "Editors Choice".
« on: July 06, 2004, 06:21:30 am »
Loaned a C860 to "What Mobile" magazine to review (August Issue)

The review article itself is quite short, but they really liked it.
Got WhatMobile Editors choice.

They nicked the picture from somethere else though (it's a C760) so I guess they couldn't tell the difference either  

Love the the closing statement :

"But if you are a power user, who isn't afraid to be a little adventurous, this is the ultimate handheld to own".


Software / Virtual Screen software to make big gps maps ?
« on: June 28, 2004, 07:29:51 pm »
Anyone come across some decent virtual desktop software that lets you have ne big oversized desktop (with scrol bars or panning etc.)

I've had a good look around, but all I can find is stuff that gives you multiple desktops.

The reason for wanting it is so tat I can run autoroute at a higher res and so generate bigger detailed maps for GPS. I reckon with a bigger virtual screen size, I should be able to do it. Not sure what the biggest image size qpegps will handle though.


Accessories / New mounting kit for the C760/C860
« on: June 15, 2004, 08:43:46 am »
Hope I don\'t get shot for this. As we sell them and so could be classified as spam...

But not seen any posts for it elsewhere so I\'ll mension it.

Got some new mounts in custom for the C760/C860. Real cool (imho). Only got a couple in to check them out but just ordered a whole load more.


Software / Code for £ (UK Pound Sign) in KeyHelper anyone ?
« on: June 04, 2004, 01:59:11 pm »
Anyone figured out what keycode to use to get a £ (UK pound sign) in keyhelper.

I can get it off the virtual keyboards, but the keyhelper config program does not accept virtual keyboard inputs, so I can\'t get it to gen. the code for me.

Not seen any posts on it yet (surprised).

Just wondering if anyone has tried the these and seen how the addressbook behaves on the clamshell models.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / New version with ATI acceleration
« on: January 12, 2004, 02:09:38 pm »
Just spotted the following on Cacko site :

First release of our XServer with AtiCore 2D acceleration. After installation, run XSession Settings and in power options change suspend command to: 
xset dpms force off 
Open file /etc/xkmc in SciTE and replace apm --suspend to xset dpms force off 
Dont use apm --suspend with new X11 because it use dpms for power management. Also now you can set autopower off time in seconds:

General Discussion / What Laptop Magazine Slate Zaurus C750 !
« on: January 01, 2004, 12:37:00 pm »
We loaned a Zaurus SL-C750 for review to What Laptop & Handheld Magazine (in the UK).

Good publicity and all that or so we thought...

Anyway, they have done a review in the January Issue. Not exactly flattering. Head to head with the Sony UX50.

Just shows you can\'t please all of the people all of the time.

To quote a few points :

\"The overall quality of the keyboard isn\'t as sturdy or well designed as the Sony Clie and will not stand up to the same wear and tear\"

\"...we found it easy to strike the wrong keys accidentally\"

\"...we had our reservations about the device. It lacks a camera and built in wireless capabilities of the Sony, and while the screen is bigger, it\'s not as bright. Add to this the poor build quality and the Sharp Zaurus is the less versatile and desirable PDA\"

So there you have it folks, the Zaurus is less desirable and more importantly less versatile so you should all go and buy a Clie UX50  

Can\'t believe this guy was not impressed with the screen. Seen the tiny UX50 and this screen just leaves it dead. Talked to UX50 owners and even they agree.

Did not use the UX50 screen for long, so not a fair judgement, but I honestly found the Zaurus better (bigger unit...).

As for quality, not willing to admit how many time the test unit they were using had been dropped and survived. Perhaps that did not help.

Anyway, all publicity is good publicy right ?

Would love to hear your opinions.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / xpdf very slow compared to qpdf
« on: December 26, 2003, 08:27:30 pm »
Just tried xpdf on the x11 rom and it seams to be very slow compared to qpdf. Particularly when rendering images for example.

I thought they both used the same code base. Any ideas ?

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