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I am selling a Zaurus C760 with all original accesories, a Palmpal rubber case with belt loop and Edge 512MB compactflash card. The Zaurus is a few months old, but looks and works good. I have a screen protector too if you need one. Please email me at subburaj (at) hotmail (dot) com if you are interested. I will accept paypal and sell only in US. Price includes UPS ground shipping in the US. Thanks for looking.


edit : guess $700 was too expensive! i reduced the price and am including an ambicom WL100 wireless card also. i am willing to sell the zaurus and accessories separately too. the prices including shipping in US

C760 + palmpal case - $600
Ambicom WL100 wifi - $50
edge 512MB card - $60

i have a 4GB micro drive too! (from muvo) - $205 (with the player)

I just sold my C750 with the PDair case! I have some accessories which I dont want anymore. Shipping is $5. Please let me know if you are interested. I accept Paypal. Thanks for looking.

Symbol low power CF wireless card : $40
Kingston 256MB SD card : $55
Edge 512MB CF card : $85

I have this case logic case too : $7


For Sale / Wanted / For Sale: PDair leather case for C700/C750
« on: March 09, 2004, 12:18:33 am »
I am selling a brand new PDair leather case for C700/C750. I am in NJ, USA and will ship to anywhere in the US only. Cost is $32 shipped via USPS priority mail. Please email me at subburaj(at)hotmail(dot)com if you are interested. I will accept paypal. Thanks.


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