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Cxx0 General discussions / Clamshell warranty repairs
« on: June 17, 2004, 03:26:24 am »
Ok, I give in. After resisting for months, I see a C860 in my future, to finally replace my trusty HandEra 330. I\'m an old school Unix developer, so the software part doesn\'t worry me too much. Having at least a limited ability to develop Linux s/w using a pocket device is very appealing.

I know of several places that sell the C860: K on eBay, Dynamism, Japan-Direct, Conics, Amazon JP, Mercantile Computer, ShirtPocket,  etc.

Ghu forbid that a Z should need service, but ghu is a fickle diety. Amazon obviously does not handle any repairs, warranty or not. K disappears sometimes. Dynamism has good service, and charges a lot for it. ShirtPocket is in the UK, and I\'m in the upper left corner of the US; sending it to the UK to be sent to Japan seems almost Monty Pythonish.

Of those (few, I hope) folks here who have sent their Zs back for service, where did you buy the Z? Where did you send it for service? How good was the service? Has anyone sent a Z back for non-warranty service? Will any of the dealers assist in getting non-warranty service (which ones)?

K has good prices, and seems to provide quick shipping, but the disappearing act is worrisome. If I buy from K, need service, and can\'t contact him, what are the options?

I\'ve wandered around these forums, but don\'t see many mentions of actual experiences with service support.


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