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For Sale / Wanted / WANTED: c700 or better, will trade
« on: July 12, 2004, 01:29:25 am »
I have a nice little subnotebook I'd like to trade for a clamshell zaurus. It is a portege 3480CT with port replicator. It is a PIII 600 mhz with 192 megs of RAM, and a 40 gig disk drive.  The port replicator has a CDROM drive, extra PCMCIA slot, USB, VGA, serial and intel 10/100 mbit ethernet. The laptop is super light, linux compatible (triple boot setup right now, ~20 gigs WinXP, ~18 gigs Debian unstable and ~2 gigs redhat 9, I can setup the OSes and partitioning as needed by the new owner). The built in screen does 1024x768 res, with an external monitor it goes much higher.

This is a great laptop, but I have a thinkpad t40 and I don't need this any more. I'd love to own a clamshell zaurus. The value of a 3480 without the port replicator and hard drive upgrade starts at $350 or $400, and I'm willing to trade it for a C700 or better.

I'm willing to haggle, I can add goodies like wireless or other PC cards, PC card CDROM, USB floppy, or cash if someone is interested in trading a very valuable zaurus package for this portege package.

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