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User Request for Applications / Perl For Open Zaurus 3.5.3?
« on: May 22, 2005, 08:09:22 pm »
I've used a 2002 (Jan 17) build of Perl 5.6.1 with great success with the Sharp rom. I don't remember where I found it. However, when installed under 3.5.3 (Opie) and called via "perl -v" it respoonds with "Illegal instruction" and returns to the bash prompt.

I remember once seeing a 5.8 arm.ipk that worked with an early version of opie, but it was relatively huge. But I don't know where I saw it, either.

Anybody have one? It shouldn't be hard to generate an ipk (if you know how to do these things) since it's natively unix.


Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Issues With Using 3.5.3 On A Sl5500 Collie
« on: May 11, 2005, 09:44:46 pm »
I love Open Zaurus and want to onvert to it on my SL6000. But first, I'm trying to make it work on the old collie. While some things I've dealt with are covered elsewhere such as suspend, here are some things that I haven't seen discussed:

-- Using Opie 3.5.3 on an SL5500 Collie requires overcoming some interesting hurdles.

* The first is the apm_bios problem. Getting rid of the line in fstab overcomes this for most people, but won't serve all.

* The second problem is more serious: if you do much of anything with the package manager, you run out of root flash, corrupt a package or two, and crash out of Opie. The standard solution is to add an SD card with a generous ext2 partition. That involves its own hurdles, which can be overcome using this post: Now the question is, what steps (e.g. making directories and softlinks) do you have to take to ensure that (a) your packages are installed on the SD, and (b) your path variable and all the other ways in which programs are found is updated?

-- There are no keys or keyboard shortcuts available for large moves and selects. While the simple motions, like Home, are available on the pickboard, even these are hard to use because they require paired taps.

-- The text editor (though much nicer than the Sharp version) has serious flaws:

* There is no replace function

*The "open" page, when asked to alphabetize by date, does a date string comparison instead: Fridays, then Mondays, then Thursdays, etc.

*There is a "delete" on the edit menu that deletes the file! This shouldn't be anywhere in a text editor, but definitely not on the same menu as cut and paste. Furthermore, the text of the warning message is misspelled (there is no "a" in irreversible).

-- The clock on the 3.5.3 SL5500 Collie is odd. It appears to go back to the creation of the image on reboot, but a suspend usually restores the correct time. Sometimes it actually gets worse by resetting to January, 2003. However once you've really convinced it, there is no more trouble.

-- Several people have mentioned ssh-ing into Zaurus. Where can I find information on that?

-- How do you get out of console 1? I discovered that logging in as "root" with no password lets you use the console, but how do you get back to Opie short of rebooting?

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