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For Sale / Wanted / For Sale: Sl-6000l
« on: November 24, 2004, 11:55:53 am »
Purchased in May for use on a short teaching job, although I am now unemployed and simply don't use it to its full, beautiful capacity (not a programmer/developer).  Therefore no major changes, system is pretty much as purchased (Qtopia, etc.)

Condition detail: Used but not abused.  The LCD protector is a bit scratched (NOT the display), also I used the lanyard loop so it has some wear.  Otherwise great.  I have the original box, cradle, manual, cables, and a 3.5>2.5 mm stereo headphone adapter.   Email address below for pictures.

After I scratched the protector, I discovered that the softcase for my old HP graph calc fits the Z like a glove, with extra space at the top for earbuds, and will close around the headphone adapter.  Given the difficulty in finding a case suited to the Z, I will sell as option - please state "yes/no on case" in email.

Priority given to buyers in the Portland, OR area.  Others pay shipping (& insur. if desired) costs, with payment via Paypal.

Email to make offer: jeniloo2 at yahoo dot com

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