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General Discussion / Pocketop Keyboard
« on: January 07, 2005, 12:26:39 pm »
Hello all,

I ordered a Pocketop keyboard for my 6000L back in November based on the many recommendations from this site. After 3 weeks the keyboard had not shown. I contacted their service organization directly, but didn't hear back for a couple of days. At this point it was the week before Christmas, and I figured they were probably just getting caught up in the holiday rush. I waited a couple more days and called, leaving a message on their voicemail, asking if they had shipped the order and when it might arrive.

Much to my display the message I received back stated that yes, the order had been shipped, and UPS had marked it as delivered. Someone in my neighborhood had a shiny new keyboard, but it wasn't me. I sent a reply email, thanking them for the response, and grumbling about shifty neighbors.

I got back a short reply, stating "Happy New Years!".

Today the replacement was there, on my doorstep. Marked on the shipping receipt: "Gratis- not requested."

I can't speculate if this is standard Pocketop policy or just a spur of the moment decision, but they have made a loyal customer. And the keyboard works great too . I wanted to share this story with the Z community because it is unusual to find companies that support customers this well.

Go Pocketop!

*I'm not affiliated with Pocketop in any way, other than being a very satisfied customer.

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