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I have been looking at some webposts about installing Angstrom on my old iPAq H5400. But, there is no loopback install for amateurs like me. I have used some linux distros in the past on my PC, & even used the command line often. I still don't see myself as skilled as i have required web support in this area. Anyway, since I don't have a loopback install, I am interested in doing a more techy install. I found a couple of pages that are somewhat instructive in this area: This one & this one . I have downloaded BootBlaster & bootloader but, I am only using Windows ATM. I have bought a CF card on eBay, & am waiting for it to arrive. I already have the jacket for it... My main concern is for using ymodem. My understsanding is I use ymodem through a command prompt to connect to my iPAQ hardware, & I am thinking it would be done through Linux. I have a serial port connection to my iPAQ but, I am thinking I will need to use a linux distro. I am thinking I will use a live disc, such as Knoppix or Ubuntu. Is there any advice I need on my plan?

Thanks in advance :-)

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