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Off Topic forum / The Real Zaurus Successor
« on: March 20, 2007, 07:05:23 am »
And the only suggestion I've seen so far that stands a ghost of a chance.

5x00 General discussions / Changing Icon Size In Tkc Rom
« on: May 03, 2005, 06:38:31 pm »
I am trying to get smaller icons in tKc rom. I have tried using zstyle which gives the option to change to 16x16 (which I have done previously in Opie and would like to do in tKc), but although many of the other features work (for instance I have changed colors there), this does not.

I have a hunch there is some kind of conflict with the built in "look and feel," prog in tKc. To get the colors how I want them, I have to use zstyle, save a style, uninstall it and then select that style in the native look and feel prog, or everytime I reboot, some of the custom colors, as well as the desktop wallpaper disappears and won't come back without starting all over. if I uninstall zstyle, everything (except the icon size) works fine and the native prog remembers the style I created in zstyle. I have tried editing the .png files changing the size to 16x16 in several different graphic progs, on both my desktop and Zaurus, but the only perceptible change is a blurry icon that is still the same 32x32.

Perhaps the icon size is changed by a reference somewhere, rather than directly in the file???

I have also tried creating new icons at 16x16, but they still display as 32x32.  

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