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Hi folks,

Back in July last year, I installed a multi-boot Android 7.1 and Debian system onto my Gemini (wifi-only). Now I'm looking at the Android 8.1 release, and wondering what steps are needed to update that (without killing the linux install or preferably the android user data).. I don't see any instructions for that anywhere, beyond some vague hints.. Can anyone clarify?

I'm assuming:
* I don't need a new scatter file? (I already did the partitioning)
* I need a copy of the new Wifi android firmware - - or do I? is this the same as the "base firmware" the partitioning tool mentions? Do I need that instead?

After that I get more confused - I assume I rerun the flash tool, choosing the firmware somehow (or do I need to recreate the "unzip base zip, copy scatter file and linux files into it" folder first?

Do I choose firmware update, or download only in the flash tool ? (confusing names, those).. and unselect all partitions but... which one?

Yours, confused,


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