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Gemini PDA - Hardware / Blue/Red LED above Tab key?
« on: September 21, 2021, 05:27:01 pm »
On the Gemini PDA there is a small LED just above the Tab key and to the left of the keyboard letter Q key, and I would like to know what this LED is supposed to indicate. I've checked all through the manual (and for any posting here on the forum) and the only reference to it is on page 19 where it is labelled as the Power LED. Yet it doesn't light up when the Gemini is connected to a charger - there is a red LED for that in the top section, seen on the left through the same slit in the case as the Alert and Wireless LEDs. On Page 18 of the manual that is labelled Power LED too. So is the label on page 19 a mistake? I can't see any explanation for this blue/red LED. When you first switch the Gemini on, it lights up blue whilst booting, but then goes out. Normally it stays off, but occasionally it lights up red, although I have never found what triggers it to come on and there is no warning message. It can stay on a long time. In fact, often the only way I have managed to get it to go out again, is to restart the Gemini! So what exactly is this LED supposed to indicate, particularly when it is red? Anyone know? Thank you.

Gemini PDA - Android / Backing up before upgrade to 8.1
« on: May 12, 2019, 05:24:02 pm »
Why is it that I don't seem to be able to back up my Gemini? I have searched the in-built storage area for the data files but can't even find any relevent files! For instance we have some Gemini Apps - Data, Agenda, Notes, and they each must have files containing the data I have input, yet I can't find any files that seem to relate to any of them. I have 'Back up' set in settings, yet there seems to be no way to say 'back up now' or where you want to put it. You can't tell if any backup has been made or where, or when.

Owing to a problem I recently tried a factory reset to see if I could get the phone button working again, (it didn't but that is another problem) and when I tried to retrieve my App data, it claimed there was no backup and I had to input everything again! Now we are finally going to get Android 8.1 so I wanted to do a backup before upgrading... but how? The only files I can find are ones that I have put on the Gemini myself either transferred from my home computer, or with my Open Office App which makes 'normal' files just like on my home computer (and are interchangeable). Backing up should be fundamental and simple but this Android OS seems to be nothing like a conventional computer.

If I can't do a simple thing like backing up my files locally (on my own system - I don't trust or use 'cloud things') then I might as well stay with my old Psion, which has worked fine for years, is still working fine, and I can back that up to my main computer whenever I like, as well as checking any of the files I've backed up. And before anyone says 'but the only way is to backup to your Google account, or you must back up to the cloud', what about all those with Wi-Fi only machines? They must have a way to back up locally surely?

My phone is not rooted as I read that access to any on-line bank will not accept a rooted phone.

As for the 8.1 upgrade, I saw it briefly flag up on my Gemini yesterday, but today it seems to have disappeared! If I do a firmware check is says I am up to date. What is going on?

Thanks for any help.

I received my Gemini in the middle of June last year, and since I had never had a smart phone before, had never used any Android at all.  Initially I simply tried to get to know it (not helped by a lack of a manual until the pdf was available!) and set it up as close as I could to my trusty Psion 3mx which I have been using since I bought it in 1998!  I tried a few Apps but since I didn't want any adverts I also got rid of quite a few fairly quickly.  By December I was reasonably happy and so I obtained a SIM and installed that and started using it as a mobile phone as well.  It used to answer as soon as I pressed the silver button and all seemed fine.  Then around February it stopped answering the phone!  If I managed to press the button as soon as it rang it simply ended the call!  If it rang three times before I got to it, it seemed to end the call on its own.  I hadn't changed any settings since it was working, and have nothing like that set up.  So I tried having the Gemini open in front of me and calling the number.  As soon as it rang the screen would show 'Accept' or 'Dismiss' and if I clicked on 'Accept' I could answer the call and it would then proceed normally.

First I wondered if the button had failed but if I set it to activate Google Assistant it works, so it appears the button is working and therefore it must be in the phone software.  Would others agree with that?

I tried a number of things like getting rid of other software which might have been causing it, but nothing worked, so eventually I did a factory reset, and didn't load anything else at all, and then tried the phone, but it still would not answer when I pressed the silver side button.  As I needed the phone during March I took the SIM out and put it into my old Nokia so at least I could answer any calls to me, and started using my 3mx again for the other things I needed.  Since the Android 8 update was supposed to be due I thought I would wait until after the update and see if it cured the fault, but because there is still no mention of the version 8 update yet, I thought I would ask here if anyone has any ideas on what has happened and how I get it to work again.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Since there has been no other post on this that I have seen, I guess not.

BTW, it has not been dropped or banged in any way, and it is kept in a padded case except when I'm using it, so I don't think I have caused this in any way.

I haven't notified Planet Computers yet, but I am about to do so.  What is the best way to contact them?  Thanks for any help.

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