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Archos forum / Formatting Av500
« on: January 11, 2006, 01:09:25 am »
When AV500 is not removed from the PC properly, it shows up as Removable disk, and the only option left is to Format it.

But u can also change it to "Windows Device" mode and transfer file into it using WMP 10.

My question is that,

1. How do u move file from the Archos to pc. Like say the DATA and System folders?
2. After I formatted it everything works fine but for one thing; in music mode, it just open my Music folder. Not the usual Artist, Album, Genre... way

should i reinstall the firmware? r should i get the dump of the sysfolder and copy it? r is it just a settings issue?

Any help would very much be appreciated. Its been some 2 weeks since i bought this. N i've fallen in love with it so i just hope i get this resolved

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