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5x00 Hardware / Failproof Unbricking Method For Sl-5000d And Sl-5500
« on: February 04, 2008, 01:02:16 pm »
Hi, to all the SL-5000d and SL-5500 users out there with a bricked zaurus
As you all know there's no way to make a NAND backup, just as you can with the SL-5600 and above.
But, there's another method, the JTAG interface.

I've succesfully restored my bricked SL-5000d using this method. I've bricked my zaurus by flashing a SL-5500 3.13 ROM onto my SL-5000d.
Only the diag menu was accesible, the unit would not boot overtwice. The flash memory was in good state (passed the checks)

All you need to have is the special JTAG cable, software to use it, and the original SHARP rom image (the 16mb file)

You can PM for more info

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