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My C860 has been sold.

Thanks for everyone\'s interest!


I\'ll either do a NAND restore of the original Japanese software or install the English ROM of the buyer\'s choice.

Of course, for most ZUG users, they can probably do that themselves!  

But that might make it a little more appealing for the less experienced.


Well, some necessary car repairs are forcing me to sell the C860 I got off eBay just a couple of weeks ago!  

This baby is in great shape, was purchased from Dynamism in December and the warranty can be transferred to a new owner for $35.

It includes a Symbol Spectrum 24 High-rate Wireless Networker CF Wi-Fi card that works great with it. I\'ll also throw in a 64MB cf card for playing with ROM\'s.

I\'d like $650 for this plus whatever shipping is decided upon.

I\'ll accept money order, cashier\'s check and Paypal to verified addresses only.


Sharp ROMs / Noob can flash everything except tkcROM
« on: January 29, 2004, 06:06:45 pm »
Thanks for your reply, Fabian! I\'m the original poster.

I was successful after doing a NAND restore and then following your instructions. I had tried doing the very same procedures with no luck but the NAND restore seems to have done the trick.

So far, I\'m liking tkcROM best of all so I\'m glad I stuck with getting it installed.

Best regards,

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