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5x00 General discussions / I'm Obsolete
« on: November 07, 2007, 04:58:34 am »
I'm resuscitating this topic to investigate someone else's opinion on the futeure of (my and your) poor littlòe Collie.

Some facts:
- some time there was an actively developed distribution, OpenZaurus, which mantained support for the Collie;
- when OZ switched to 2.6 kernel, they continued to support Collie with a specialised version using old 2.4 kernel, mainly because of legacy SD driver not supported in 2.6;
- at that time SD driver seemed to be the major blocker to a further development on Collie;
- then OZ closed in favour of Angstrom;
- suddenly something happened that restored the hopes of Collie users: a 2.6 SD driver was announced, angstrom included Collie in the supported machines list and everything seemed to go on fast.

But now it seems this sudden wave turned back:
- Angstrom no longer supports Collie (see here);
- A lot of bugs are open for Collie on Angstrom and there's apparently no one to take care (see here);
- It's almost impossible to know who is working on the issues, if any; there's a status page but it doesn't seem to be very up-to-date (or, worse enough, there's nothing to be updated...)

So my question is: is there any chance to see our Collies working with a recent kernel, an actively developed distro and all of its features working? What can we do to achieve this? Is there any interest in it?

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